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The Essence of Human Development

We have came saw and conquered all other life forms in the world, now all that is left is each other. Being social is the only thing you need to succeed and in this article I will teach you social human development.

First of all, it’s natural to yearn to be at the top of our social class. This is one of the oldest forms of competition, and hastening your social human development is important, if you plan on taking advantage of all the opportunities floating around. For instance take the competitive frontier of Hollywood, which floods us with phrases like, “Its not about what you know, it’s who you know!” This popular phrase supports my point which is, “Talent in the social realm, trumps all talent in any other area of life.”

The first step of social human development is learning to take care of ones self emotionally. Emotional health is just as important as physical health. In fact physical and emotional health are both dependent upon each other to exist.
A person should feel good even when there is no particular outside stimulation for happiness. Those that need an outside stimulation to feel happy are always at the mercy of other people, this person needs other people to bring them happiness and fail to add to the occasion. With a miserable reality, it’s natural to try and participate in another’s reality. Though the less emotionally maintained a person is the shorter their stay will be. The short stay is due to the fact that an emotionally unmanaged person is draining.

A lot of these people just learn to pretend or not try at all. This yields the result of doing well in some areas in life but completely bombing in the other. Imagine the father who has learned to pretend to be emotionally managed. In public he is an expert in courtship and excepted social behavior but behind closed doors with only his family; he’s is a barbarian, who lashes at the only ones that love him. There are multiple variations of this story but the moral is negative energy has to come out sometime. So to succeed socially you must get rid of all negativity.

The first step in social human development is, to learn to manage your emotions, it is so important it is actually live or die, float or drown. You have to get this part right!

Now, that emotional management is established as the first step to social human development, here is what emotional management entails: constant moderation of feeling, and weeding out any negative beliefs. How do you feel right now? Worried? Vengeful? Angry? Empty? Unworthy? These are all feelings that are a buy-product of the categories of Negative beliefs. Negative beliefs dull the precious moments of day to day life, causing one to feel bad or just okay . Have you ever had a moment where you felt as if everything was new to you, as if you were so alive? This feeling is called, “satori” it is caused when you let go of all negative beliefs and view the world the way god intended. The five categories of negative beliefs are: worry, forgiveness, offense, non-appreciation and lies. So whenever you don’t feel good or great, your mind is probably infected by one of these negative beliefs. Just sift through these categories until you find which one is causing these unwanted feelings. Realization is half of the battle.

Happiness and unforgiveness can’t co-exist. People who are angry usually are secretly suffering from a past hurt, that they haven’t forgiven. They are always thinking about it subconsciously. This feels their body and mind up with a steady and quiet flow of latent anger! The harsher somebody trespasses against you the more reason their is to forgive, otherwise you are going to riddled with deep seated anger. This leads to misery. Instead brighten up your reality with forgiveness (This is such an important so important I wrote a full article on it.)

Offense leads to unexpected explosive anger! I use to get offended when I was younger, because my mom wouldn’t trust me with any responsibility. So whenever someone treated me as if I couldn’t handle a task, I immediately got angry. Nowadays, I believe the truth (truth always conquers lies) which is I’m an extremely responsible person and if people don’t utilize my strengths then that is there loss. I didn’t just stop there, I really figured out how they are losing. Which is simply because they are either not getting the highest quality person for the job, or wasting time trying to find other high quality people; when my services are available; either way they are losing. This is how you tackle offense, you declare the truth and believe it. (This is so important I had to tackle it in another article.). People who are “cool,” usually aren’t offended by (just about) anything. If you draw your happiness from inside, who cares what other people think!?

Non Appreciation is interesting because you want to have goals but at the same time realize that you
have everything that you need right now, even without any goals! Appreciate the food that is digesting in your belly and the warm house you sit in along with the computer you blessed to be sitting in front of, AND the people who are already in your life. There is nothing worst than somebody who has an agenda. Whether if it is to make a new friend or to sale a car, the agenda makes people feel used and it’s degrading. So realize that you have everything that you need. So when you are out you are not sending out needy vibes or a hunters vibe. You are just a high value happy person who is having fun, despite the person or how they react to you. You already have everything together and everything that you need in life your just having some fun.

Lies are the cornerstone of holding back social humans development. I can assure you that anything that you believe about yourself that is negative isn’t true. If you don’t have the success that you want, it’s because you are a walking breathing lie believer. Stop being so gullible, nobody cares how big your nose is, or how short you are. All we care about is the inside, are you managed or not? Happiness goes a long way in your social human development! Be happy, manage those emotions and everything else will come.

Worry is another category of negative beliefs. Worry is harder to realize because it disguises itself as concern. If you ever think you are sick, go to the doctor once they tell you that you are not believe it. If you are scared get you a big dog and stop worrying. I used to constantly be worried that someone is breaking into my house, so I can relate to this one really well. The problem with worry is it attaches itself to the belief that if you ignore it then you will be sorry. “It’s better to be safe than sorry” you say as you check the door’s lock four times. “It’s better to be safe than sorry,” you say after your third doctors visit this month. “It’s better to be safe than sorry,” you say as you stay cooped up in your house because you are afraid of stray animals. Let me tell you something, I would rather to be sorry than crazy any day. Check your lock on the door but only do it once, live a little, let go of all of the worry about death and bull. If you are that afraid then you need to get into a church and start believing in something bigger than you. Happiness can not exist with worry.

In conclusion, all of these things will teach you how to have unshakable happiness, the most important quality in your social human development festivities. Love who you are…

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